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CDR in a gatefold sleeve with an handmade insert + dlc
limited to 20 copies

I sketched this double album during a very stressful time for me personally, back in 2021. When Matthias at Oscarson asked if I was interested in a double vinyl collaboration I was immediately enthusiastic, and I thought it was the perfect way to start revisiting some long-form pieces, which when I finished this album led me to the spring/summer tabletop free-form explorations collected in Ghosts In The Heat.
I have to admit to a personal favorite of mine, Stained Relics. Initially composed with only a very degraded, Basinski-nodding loop, it became something else in post production with a casual insertion of a second, off-tempo loop that created a call and response, which slowly but steady approaches synchronism with the first loop. This is the sort of happy accidents that I strive for.
Lost Topographies I - II is an ode to my land and other unvisited lands in Italy, which I long to visit but probably never will. So is my nature