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In 2020, Pali Meursault and Thomas Tilly collaborated to create Radio Glaces, a fourteen-part sound collection featuring recordings of glaciers in the Alps and testimonies from people who have a close relationship with this environment: glaciologists, geomorphologists, hut wardens, mountaineers and high-mountain guides. 

As a continuation of this first project, Melt* was a series of improvised performances by the duo of sound artists, playing back the sounds and vibrations of the glaciers as they conducted a microphonic auscultation of the crevasses, rimayes and torrents of the Oisans mountain range.

The outcome of a research project that began over three years ago and is still ongoing, Melt* is based on the recording of a concert at GMEA (Albi) in early 2023, and is available as a vinyl record published by Fragment Editions.

 Sound recordings made in 2020 on the glaciers of Mont-de-Lans, la Girose, Sarenne, la Pilatte and Saint-Sorlin (Oisans-Écrins, France), for the Radio Glaces project. Field recordings, sonified ice, processing and sine waves played live by Pali Meursault & Thomas Tilly at Grand Théâtre d’Albi on February 4th, 2023, in the frame of ‘L’Expérience du Terrain’, a program by GMEA.

Recording by Benjamin Maumus. Mastering and Cut by Frédéric Alsdat/Ångström.