ZOZOBRA - Bird Of Prey LP

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Finally repressed!

Fast on the seismic heels of last year's Harmonic Tremors, Zozobra mastermind Caleb Scofield (Cave In / Old Man Gloom) has set off another face-rupturing power-trembler in the North American underground. Bird Of Prey is our man's second full-length under the Zozobra moniker, a white-hot exploder shot through with snaking melody lines and implacable riffs. From front to back, Scofield's signature roar is tempered by his own gleaming backup chants; meanwhile, an arsenal of guitars alternately churns and shimmers in the flames of Zozobra's effigial namesake. Recorded and mixed by Isis drummer Aaron Harris - who also lent his considerable drumming talents to the proceedings - Bird Of Prey is the latest installment in Hydra Head's Reign Of Awesome 2008. It is the sound of a conquering horde - only in this case, the horde consists of exactly one dude who manages to sound like ten.