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ZODIAC FREE ARTS CLUB - floating world LP

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"Argy (Poker Flat) presents the Zodiac Free Arts Club! “Floating World” is about electronic music in the spirit of Ashra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Neu!, Popol Vuh and others captured in jam sessions. Founded in West Berlin in late 1967 by German artists, The Zodiak Free Arts Lab, also known as the "Zodiak Club", was a short-lived but highly influential experimental live music venue. It was a musicians' paradise since The Zodiac Free Arts Lab was filled with all kinds of instruments, amps and speakers free for everyone to play and experiment with. Four decades later, Argy had the idea to revive the club's concept. In a short period of time he opened his own private space in Berlin to jam with colleagues and friends. This time not only focused on experimental music, the guests were personally invited to join and encounter a variety of happenings such as live music sessions, dinners, the appreciation of beauty of all sorts, conversations and other bizarre or eccentric experiences. Argy's collaboration with Manuel Göttsching on "Sunrain" which was edited by the Greek producer for official release on White Days Records in 2010 was also very influential for the Greek artist to embark on this new musical journey. The projection of paintings, 60's album covers and landscape pictures while composing the album, assisted the 25-year old musician to create what he describes as the "joyful psychedelic underground" sound. "Floating World", which borrows its title from the Japanese "Ukiyo-e", was recorded mainly on vintage equipment between January/June 2010 in a temporary studio set in Berlin."