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ZEALOT CULT - Karmenian Crypt LP

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ZEALOT CULT's Karmenian Crypt is a both a blast from the past and a detonation of the present. Resolutely committed to the core tenets of pure and total DEATH METAL, this Irish quartet take strong, expertly integrated influences from classic Floridian death metal and especially the early Roadrunner/RC catalog which fostered same. And yet, ZEALOT CULT manage to make epic, multi-dimensional majesty from that firm foundation, their compositions constantly rising and falling and taking dark 'n' doomed directions, all while remaining immediately memorable. So, while various strains of Pestilence, Death, Morbid Angel, and especially Obituary can be heard loud 'n' clear across Karmenian Crypt, its three songs build upon said foundation and contribute to this rich legacy, with yet more majesty to come in the near future with the band's imminent debut album for BLOOD HARVEST. No better time, then, to get in line and join ZEALOT CULT!

A statement from the band reads: “ZEALOT CULT are proud to announce that Karmenian Crypt will be made available on vinyl and released exclusively by Swedish label BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS. We are also very pleased to announce that we have signed exclusively with BLOOD HARVEST and are proud to be part of such an illustrious roster of bands that we respect and are fans of. We are hard at work writing and rehearsing material for our debut album, which will be released by BLOOD HARVEST, and aim to hit the studio later in the year. Death Metal!!”