ZACHARY CALE - Noise of Welcome LP

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On his third album, Louisiana bred Brooklyn resident Zachary Cale casts a wide net, encompassing everything he's done previously whether solo or with band accompaniment. Recorded in 2009 at his home studio "Noise of Welcome" is a collection of songs that is distinctly modern in tone and substance. Moving from acoustic ballads and oddly tuned instrumentals to electrified country and Kinksian pop the album projects a kind of psych/folk/rock hybrid, recalling the genre shifts of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" or Big Star's "Sisters Lovers". Featuring performances by members of Cale's former ensemble, Illuminations, and guest spots by Chris Brokaw, D. Charles Speer, and Anni Rossi, Cale's signature finger-picking technique is reinforced with grander orchestral movements and a full backing band which helps to illuminate the brilliance of his craft. Lyrically we are given what we've come to expect of Cale: thought provoking narrative hymnals, with bracing rumination and longing delivery, but these songs feel lighter. Perhaps this is because he's shifted away from the dark imagery of past efforts into a spiritual twilight, with themes of forgiveness, redemption, absolution and even... celebration. His voice too has grown more versatile, with subtle vibrato lifts complimenting higher pitched cries, bringing to mind contemporaries such as Cass Mccombs or Andy Cabic. "Noise of Welcome" may prove to be Zachary Cale's greatest achievement as a singer/composer to date: a testament to his unique craftmanship and unconditional love of songs.