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Really cool demo from this French project… actually, I’m kind of surprised that it’s being sold as a demo as it’s quite long and fully realized in my opinion… the songwriting, recording, and artwork are all top-notch and really cool. I would call Yves Barnard, broadly, synth-punk, but they (he?) definitely have a unique take on the genre, combining the quasi-industrial elements of Metal Urbain with poppier elements, some of which have a dark pop-garage, Marked Men-type of thing going on and some of which go in more of a Screamers-type direction. The drums are all acoustic, and the vocals are in this sing-speak style that really accentuates the paranoid quality of it all, not to mention the French-ness. For as familiar as some parts of it sound, it all adds up to something really unique. Perhaps this isn’t for everyone, but if you’re intrigued by the above references give it a try… it’s well worth hearing.