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YOLKS - Two Dollars Out The Door 7"

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THE YOLKS are three dudes from the smack dab middle of America, U.S.A, in love with rock n roll, dedicated to throwing THEE best shows, where people actually dance, knock over drinks, make out with each other, fall over themselves drunkenly, get sloppy, get stupid, get loose, get open, and in the end of the night emerge soaking wet to look onto the world with eyes anew, reborn through a baptism of true and radical rock n roll. The songs on this 7" offer a taste of their awesomeness. “Two Dollars Out the Door” is an uber-catchy punk rock n roller with great lyrics and a driving rhythm. “Pretty Thing” is a show stopping cover song you might expect at the end of a Yolks set when it is time to completely lay waste to the audience. With this song, The Yolks prove that they are one of the few bands around that can play real and radical rhythm and blues, offering up a hypnotic, pulsating, version of this rock n roll standard, charged with tinges of psychedelia in the periphery. Yes indeed, this record is a bonafide double A-sider, all hits, no filler, guaranteed to make any party more better, and any rad day even more radder. We are very proud to be putting out yet another fine, fine record by Chicago's best kept secret, the one, the only, THE YOLKS!!!