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YESTERDAY'S RING - diamonds in the ditch DLP

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What happens when Montreal Punks inspired by Americana and Roots music write and record their career defining album? It doesn’t sound like your dad’s Country music or your best friends’ favorite Punk Rock band. The sound is something in between but even that doesn’t do a good job describing what they do. At times I am reminded of Murder City Devils, at other times I hear some Lucero/Drive By Truckers, and for a brief moment, I hear some Rancid/Tim Armstrong. The 15 song CD and 16 song double LP is a sound only Yesterday’s Ring could craft, but I think that they have something that appeals to Crust Punkers and Roots Rockers alike. It is a very special, incredibly amazing album that will blow minds. The double LP will be pressed out of an edition of 1,000 copies