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XIU XIU - Women As Lovers LP

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We are proud to present a new edition of Xiu Xiu's cult classic Women as Lovers. Originally released on budget vinyl in 2008, this is its first high quality edition on vinyl ever pressed. Named after Elfriede Jelinek’s seminal novel, this album contains 14 slabs of tortured, avant pop at its best. It includes a lauded cover of the Queen/ David Bowie's single “Under Pressure” featuring Swans leader Michael Gira.

The album was recorded by a legendary line up consisting of Caralee McElroy, Ches Smith and Jamie Stewart and features Angela Seo’s first Xiu Xiu credit for lyrics and sound effects. It was mixed and co-produced by the band’s long time friend and collaborator Greg Saunier of Deerhoof.

This new edition is released on 180g vinyl in edition of 1000 and features new revisited artwork and liner notes by Jamie Stewart.

“Women As Lovers is a joyful affair in many ways, yet Stewart’s demons constantly linger in the background.” Mia Clarke, The Wire, Feb 2008

“This album is frantic and wild, with swatches of noise and Jamie Stewart's voice often quivering on the edge of a panic attack.” Brian Howe, Pitchfork, Jan 2008