WWHIRR - Modern Hypocrisy LP

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This is the first LP called "Modern Hypocrisy" of the band WWHIRR from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To be precise, they come from Klang Valley (not Kang, but close, and it means “sound” in German) - how cool! A whirlwind of a name for a band from Klangtal. The trio dispense with a guitar, which makes the sound rather interesting. Themselves, they describe their style as Power Violence, but that's too easy. They sound very 90s, in the positive sense that they try to create their own style from various style elements. From The 00s on most bands played a retro sound, before that originality was still being sought and sometimes rewarded by the fans. WWHIRR for sure have something very much of their own going. At times slow, sometimes fast, rarely at a classic Power Violence pace - but always with a lot of power and variety. The vocal style is like a mix of Japanese HC and Power Violence, and the lyrics are in English, in addition to well-chosen samples (very 90s, too). They even have a song with "Liar" in the chorus that reminds me of the song "Liar" from the ROLLINS BAND. So the whole package is pretty cool. Merciless Records didn't release any new records in easily 15 years and returns with this release in 2014. Malaysia has one of the most active punk scenes in the world and the band is a very important part of it. They should also be very good live. A very special band from Malaysia, brought to you by a German label