WRECK & REFERENCE - no content 7"

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Formed in 2011 by drummer Ignat Frege and multi-instrumentalist Felix Skinner, San Francisco, California’s Wreck and Reference play by their own rules, employing only drums, vocals and a Korg sampler. After releasing the highly-acclaimed Black Cassette demo (later reissued on vinyl through The Flenser), the pair unleased their debut full-length No Youth in 2012, catapulting them to the forefront of unconventional heavy music. The album generated widespread critical praise, with Invisible Oranges declaring that the forward-thinking band “pushes the traditional metal template toward regions unexplored, expanding the sonic legacies of Swans’ filth and Big Black’s harshness.” Now, Wreck and Reference return with a new genre-defying two-song 7-inch, No Content. Heavy and experimental with nods to post-metal, industrial, electronic, noise and doom, the duo’s latest work is unorthodox and captivating. The devastatingly somber and addictive “Absurdities and Echos” is more melodic and atmospheric than anything the band has done before, while “Abhorrence” is concise and raw.