WOVEN BONES - minus touch 12" (white)

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Woven Bones is Andrew Burr, Matty Nichols, and Casey Seymour.

Andrew says about the band: "All of us in the band have spent way too much time with The Velvet Underground, ... (more) Link Wray, and other loud/primitive forms of rock and roll...The simple drum beats behind our songs are definitely inspired by the drumming of Mo tucker and the primitive beats behind bands like The Shangr-Las and even Neu. I personally have been eternally infected by the music of the above mentioned bands and others like The Troggs, Simply Saucer, Spacemen 3, Les Rallizes Denudes, The Adverts, The Ramones, The Damned, The Gun Club, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Vaselines. I know subconsciously those things are always heavy influences on my song writing."