Worried Songs

WORRIED SONGS - they sang upon that shore #1 MAGAZINE

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so, this thing is around 10 months late and roughly four times the size I thought it would be, but, damn, here it is.....

88 A4 pages of weirdness and wonderment:

- Eli winter talks touring West-Texas

- Huge joint interview between Yasmin Williams and Gwenifer Raymond that spans several months of communication.

- Jerry David DeCicca ruminates on how he became the unlikely optimist.

- Lovely chat with Rosali, who spoke to me at length about her incredible new record, ‘No Medium’ on Spinster Sounds.

- Powers/Rolin Duo offer up the best records you should have self-isolated to...

- Reports from the front line of the great American license plate open invitational of 2019.

- Jeffrey Silverstein took some time to talk to me about the Ted Lucas tribute project on perpetual doom

- Jess Yocum offers up some personal, perfect and plaintive prose, polaroids and poetry from a post-pandemic picture postcard (!!!!) road trip, taking in Townes van Zandt’s grave and Death Valley...

- David from the incredible Morning Trip records talks us through their first 8 incredible archival reissue releases - only the finest lost gems of 70s and 80s solo guitar and new age...

- and a whole tonne of record and book reviews...