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WOODEN WAND - briarwood LP

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When James Jackson Toth, aka Wooden Wand, was invited to record with his friend Duquette Johnston (formerly of Verbena) and his band the Gum Creek Killers, his first impulse was to send a track from his legendary archives of unreleased material. But Duquette suggested Toth visit him in Birmingham and they record both sides of the split-7" from scratch, with the same band at Ol Elegante Studios in Homewood, AL. Toth claimed that it was one of the most positive recording experiences that he ever had, and immediately wanted to make a whole record this way. Duquette invited him back down to Homewood to record the new Wooden Wand album with the Gum Creek Killers, with Duquette and Les Nuby producing. Toth brought in his constant foil and best friend Brian Lowery, plus Jody Nelson of Through The Sparks, and the Briarwood Virgins were born.