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WOJTEK - petricore LP

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Five-piece Screamo / Postrock band born in 2019 Padua, Northern Italy.

s. m. Particular olfactorysensation that is perceived when pouring rain hits the dry earth fora long time.. Petricore is the name of the smell that is felt during and after the rain that interrupts a dry period.

Following this common thread, the album is a mirror of who Wojtek are today, the result of the trenches that life has dug on the path of the 5 current members.

For 'Petricore' we aimed for a production that is more precise compared to the past, supported by the splendid work of an equally splendid Lorenzo Stecconi, who was an excellent mentor, impeccable in guiding us in the best possible way to make the most out of what was composed.

The album will be printed in three formats, each with its own peculiarities. Many thanks to Nicola Rizzo with whom we silk-screened the vinyl edition. For the vinyl and cd we want to thank the labels Shove Records, Fresh Outbreak rec. and Violence in the Veins in the persons of Manu, Santo and Anibal for their renewed trust. We also thank the new entries Dio Drone, the fucking Clinica and Flames Don't judge (Thanks Naresh, Marcella and the Infall guys). The tape, which will instead be released exclusively for Teschio Dischi (thanks Rano!), contains a unique, evil, gem.

With 'Petricore' we expand and evolve atmospheres in territories that, previously, had been undertaken with less naturalness than today. They are six portraits of the same bear, differing in speed, intentions or sub-genres.