WOE - Hope Attrition CD

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"Some albums waste no time letting you know that you’re in a welcomed, comfortable place, that your need for top quality metal will be satiated. Some albums know that all you want are riffs, maybe even a barrage of riffs. You are only looking for a good-ol’ time filled with head banging, foot stomping, and the possible, but most likely, occurrence of air guitar/drum playing. Hope Attrition sets your mind at ease within the first few seconds of opening track, ‘Unending Call Of Woe’. This is going to be an album that you will enjoy, Hell, possibly even love. There is something exceptionally special about this album. While it is immediately angry and violent sounding, there is this nagging feeling of, dare I say, hope. They just sound like they’re having too much fun playing these songs. Even though some of the songs are titled, ‘The Ones We Lost’ and ‘Abject in Defeat’, and the album starts off with the screaming of, “This is a failure”. I am inclined to believe otherwise. Most of the songs fall in between the five to ten minute range, excluding a beautiful acoustic interlude. Yet, there are so many twists and turns in each song that they fly by. In some instances you can hear Krallice, in others Dissection. But, permeating the entire album is a seething, pumping, undying pulse.