WIRE - #472 June 2023 MAG

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On the cover: Totally Wire-d: A 20 page special unpicking everything you wanted to know about Mark E Smith and The Fall by the totally Wire-d writers’ squad: Claire Biddles, Graham Duff, Esi Eshun, Louise Gray, Michael Fenton, Jo Hutton, Leah Kardos, Stewart Lee, Craig Leon, Eugene S Robinson, Bruce Russell, Dave Segal, Richard Thomas, Spenser Tomson, Brian Turner and Kek-W. Plus: House Of All: Tessa Norton talks to the new band formed by ex-Fall members about life after Mark E Smith. Plus: Invisible Jukebox: No Home: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection raise Fucking Hell for the London DIY artist? Tested by Meg Woof. Also inside this issue: Nondi_; Kristen Roos; Natalia Beylis; Andy Akiho; Unlimited Editions: Edition Telemark; Unofficial Channels: The Deep Ark; Global Ear: Oakland; The Inner Sleeve by DJ Scotch Egg; Epiphanies by Adele Bertei; pages of reviews and more.