WIRE #468 Feb 2023 MAG

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Inside this issue:

Meredith Monk:
In the wake of a career-spanning box set the multidisciplinary artist discusses a lifetime of connection and communication. By Emily Bick.

Barbara Dane: The US folk/blues/jazz musician and activist details eight decades of anticapitalist agitation in a new memoir. By Emily Pothast.

Ocen James: The Ugandan Acholi fiddler talks electronic collaborations and riotous wedding jams. By Daniel Spicer.

Invisible Jukebox: aya: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection be poetry to the ears of the UK DJ, producer and vocal artist? Tested by Meg Woof.

Unlimited Editions: Fox & His Friends. By Antonio Poscic.

Unofficial Channels
: The Bristol Germ. By Noel Gardner.

Mark Jenkin: The Enys Men director explores Cornwall’s hidden reverse. By Spenser Tomson.

Zaliva-D: Explosive electronics from the Beijing duo. By James Gui.

Territorial Gobbing: Leeds noisenik Theo Gowans cobbles it together. By Abi Bliss.

Jacqueline Nova: Opening the Colombian composer’s archive. By Louise Gray.

Global Ear: Kansai: Fantasy and future unite in southern central Japan. By Miranda Remington

The Inner Sleeve: Audrey Chen on Nakatani-Chen Duo’s LIMN

Epiphanies: The Raincoats’ Gina Birch on a pivotal encounter with The Slits