WIRE - #464 I Oct 2022 MAG

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Inside this issue:

Lucrecia Dalt: The Colombian composer, musician and vocalist explores eroticism, horror and beauty via soundtracks, collaborations and solo work. By Rob Turner.

Carl Stone: The Los Angeles born, Tokyo based composer reconfigures the rock/pop canon – and time itself – via dizzyingly detailed sample collages. By Emily Bick

Anthony Moore: With his solo output receiving the reissue treatment, the Slapp Happy founder reflects on his journey through avant pop, stadium rock, soundtracks and composition. By Julian Cowley. Plus: Joshua Minsoo Kim on Moore’s experimental film music

Invisible Jukebox: Sarathy Korwar: Will the London based drummer and bandleader find himself beaten by The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Clive Bell.

Unlimited Editions: Faitiche Records

Unofficial Channels
: Øresuus

Derek Piotr
: Laptop folk from the Polish-American artist. By Louis Pattison

John McCowen: The US musician gets clever with the clarinet. By Peter Margasak

Dez Dare: Oz wizard seeks liberation through fuzz. By Claire Biddles

Global Ear: Richmond, Virginia: experimentation and anarchy in the South Eastern US. By Doug Nunnally

The Inner Sleeve: The Brother Moves On’s Siyabonga Mthembu on Hugh Masekela’s Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz