WIRE - #452 | October 2021 MAG

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Inside this issue:

On the eve of a new box set chronicling their 1970s music, the German band’s members and crew discuss their contrarian art of falling apart that has kept them going over 50 years. By Daniel Spicer. Plus, a survey of Faust’s often equally fractious contemporaries including: Amon Düül: A Bavarian psychedelic legacy. By Edwin Pouncey. Klaus Dinger: La Düsseldorf and other Neu! adventures. By David Elliott. Dieter Moebius: Clusters of collaboration. By Matt Krefting

Mary Lou Williams: Taking in vaudeville, bebop, gospel-inflected hard bop, free jazz and beyond, the late composer’s career is littered with gems of a prescient modernity. By Alexander Hawkins

Invisible Jukebox: Theresa Wong × Ellen Fullman: The Bay Area experimental musicians tackle a mystery record selection. Tested by each other

They Hate Change: Florida duo Tampa with rap’s DNA. By Neil Kulkarni

id m theft able: Water palaver for the improvising tuba player. By Joe Murray

More Eaze: Suburban collage from the Texas based composer. By Antonio Poscic

Siksa: Polish duo confront oppression. By Miloš Hroch

Unlimited Editions: C/Site Recordings

Unofficial Channels: Song Work

Global Ear: New York’s TIME:SPANS festival revives the intimacy of live sound

The Inner Sleeve: Carlos Casas on a Batavia gasometer pressure gauge plate

Epiphanies: Thomas Köner recalls formative vibrations

Print Run: New music books: sound art and climate change, a Deep South punkhouse, John Lurie’s memoirs, and more