WIRE - #447 | May 2021 MAGAZINE

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Inside this issue:

People Like Us
: As Vicki Bennett prepares for an ambitious audiovisual UK tour, the arch-collagist talks Buddhism, subverting popular culture and the autoregenerative art of cut and paste. By Abi Bliss

Joe Chambers: A significant contributor to sessions led by Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson, Andrew Hill, Joe Henderson and many others, the US drummer and composer discusses his distinguished career and new solo album. By Daniel Spicer

Embassador Dulgoon: Part of a global network of sonic adventurers, Chilean musician Nicolás Carcavilla explores uncanny landscapes populated by mythic creatures via free-ranging neo-exotica. By Spenser Tomson

Invisible Jukebox: Cathal Coughlan × Sean O’Hagan: The former Microdisney bandmates and current collaborators test each other with a mystery record selection

Alpha Maid: Deconstructed rock and polyrhythmic grunge from the London based CANVAS associate. By Mariam Rezaei

Sunareht: Back to the future for the Parisian producer. By Chal Ravens

Charmaine Lee: New York based composer rebuilds the body electric. By Joshua Minsoo Kim

Jonáš Gruska: The field recordist and sound designer takes the LOM route. By Louise Gray

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