WIRE - #416 | October 2018 MAG

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Inside this issue:

James Ferraro: The former Skater and far side virtualist has been sonically documenting the decline of Western civilisation for more than 15 years. But what happens when reality bites? By Maya Kalev

Once Upon A Time In London: On the fringes of the Swingin’ 60s, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Cornelius Cardew and AMM found their champion in the form of Victor Schonfield and his non-profit organisation Music Now. By Phil England

Buh Records: Based in Peru’s capital Lima, Luis Alvarado’s label is dedicated to telling the untold story of South America’s avant garde through a series of carefully curated releases. By Francis Gooding


Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones: The fashion forward audiovisual duo abhor a vacuum. By Spenser Tomson

Razen: Belgian duo Brecht Ameel and Kim Delcour weave a Partch-inspired web of nightside intrigue. By Julian Cowley

Metahaven: Netherlands based film makers dig through layers of history in Macedonia. By Tessa Norton

Orchestra Of Spheres: Costumed Kiwi experimentalists are having a ball. By Noel Meek

Global Ear: Cape Town: The Pan African Space Station broadcasting and research platform is making (air) waves. By Ben Verghese