WIRE - #404 | October 2017 MAG

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Inside this issue:

Jlin: Informed by the raw kinetic energy of footwork, the US producer's music continues to evolve in response to fresh challenges. By Frances Morgan

Sote: Traditional Persian music meets new school production magic within the work of Iranian composer Ata Ebtekar. By Tom Fisher

Walter Wegmüller: For his first solo exhibition, the Swiss artist revisits the mystical heritage that informed the 1973 kosmische music classic Tarot. By Geeta Dayal

The PrimerYellow Magic Orchestra: A user's guide to the extended back catalogue of solid state survivors Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto. By Tomokazu Hayashi

Collateral DamageNegative Criticism: On the necessity and difficulty of dissent. By Britt Brown

Hańba!: Polish prewar punk acoustics. By Clive Bell

Black Editions: The US imprint maintains the legacy of Japan's legendary PSF label. By Noel Meek