Suicide Squeeze

WHITE WOODS - Big Talking 7"

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Limited to 500 (hand numbered by Julia) copies! White Woods is the alias for Julia Kugel, better known for her work as the guitarist and vocalist for Atlanta’s riotous garage rockers The Coathangers. Under her solo moniker, Kugel delivered a heartfelt blend of golden-oldies and subdued Americana with her debut single on Suicide Squeeze last year. Now Kugel is back with another two-song White Woods offering, exploring the same kind of sultry vintage sounds that made her first 7” sell out so quickly. The A-side, “Big Talking," takes The Coathangers’ attitude, unplugs it from the amps, and delivers its admonishment with a graceful AM radio vibe. On the flipside, “Corner Town” conjures the sex and strut of David Lynch’s pop-culture nods to ‘50s. The newest White Woods songs are available digitally worldwide or on a 7” limited to 500 copies