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WHITE LACES - same 12"

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WHITE LACES’ self-titled EP wades through a thick haze of dream punk, alternating effortlessly between ambient psychedelic fog and bone crunching rhythms. The band appeared in early 2010 in the form of a recording project begun in the former mansion/current squat affectionately referred to as Unicorn Manor. After playing their inaugural shows with Wild Nothing and Eternal Summers, they released their first cassette EP on Harding Street Assembly Lab. In July the band ventured up to Boston to record their first proper EP in the basement of a shared art space with Kevin Micka (Animal Hospital) before returning to band’s home in Richmond, VA to add bits of archaic synth and samples. “Jangly but full of an unmistakable lo-fi honesty, if this band’s organic approach to rock and roll doesn’t have record labels knocking down their door, then the majority of the world will be deprived of some bona fide rock and roll warhorses. White Laces set was the most endearing and pleasant surprise of SXSW.”—Popmatters