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WHISKER - moon mood LP

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Ben Billington and Andrew Scott Young of legendary underground Chicago free jazz band TIGER HATCHERY continue ten plus years of musical collaboration as WHISKER. A crosseyed new path of Electronics/Double Bass/extremely blitzed vibes.

While their musical language has always been dense with alien riddles, panic, and psychedelic jargon, the conversation continues into an even more gut rot territory. Sounds like gum being ripped up off a bowling alley carpet, mixed with kicking an Ohio Turnpike vending machine until it releases Nickelodeon slime.

The back and forth of ASY’s virtuosic bass playing and BBB’s masterful control of totally wrecked electronic patch bays is the fine after taste of sizzled European anti music and incredibly baked Chicago improv. Best heard while extremely confused but also mellow.

Many times replicated, but never matched, BBB and ASY hold their place as stalwarts of Midwest Free Jazz, fried synths, and scorched flower jams. Husky Pants is proud to release their newest and most unpredictable exploration, MOON MOOD, available on LP