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WHAT NEXT - the trip 7"

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After a brief respite following the dissolution of “party band” The German Measles, here’s Serge and Dave (a/k/a the bespectacled fellow from Cause Co-Motion) along with drummer Chie (ex-The Beast) to pick it up with a new band called What Next? The results kinda skew back to where Cause was going, with a little more ambition about them, and a drive to add something to the sound, no matter how much they might stumble. One’s a cute l’il power-strummer, the other sounds like an amateur Television Personalities, deep into the psychomodo of They Could Have Been Bigger Than the Beatles, and if you are on the indie pop or twee axis, there’s nothing wrong with either of those things. Hand-painted and stamped sleeves, and perhaps a more “regular” edition coming for you soon. In no way have these people exhausted the potential of where this music can go, and they’re at the point where it seems obvious to them that they need to win listeners over with more than charm. And that’s exactly what happens here. Good stuff. And they know how to price their music, too. "(http://whatnext.bandcamp.com)
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