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WATERY LOVE - Debut 45 7"

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BACK iN PRiNT!!! "In the never interesting saga to determine Punk's best primitive hooligans, MEN will blog & sputter endlessly about Drunks W/Guns or Brainbombs as martyrs of the cause. And who amongst us would deny either their berth on the altar? As an agnostic, I cannot count the stations of said cross, but I do respect it nonetheless. So it's refreshing to see a band wander into this Garage of Gethsemane & fire up their own corroded engine, pistons wheezing, oil belching, you know how it goes; many are crucified, but few resurrected. Where WATERY LOVE fit into this scenario remains to be determined, but when it comes to archaic beats, they're already dragging their knuckles over sainted simpletons such as Butter Utter, Deutscher Abschaum & Just Urbain. 45 rpm's haven't sounded this hairy in many moons & as debut's go, they don't come more scabrous. Get one now before they learn to talk."—Roland Woodbe, Siltblog