VINYL SCRAPYARD - by Billups Allen DVD

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Vinyl Scrapyard is a documentary about the birth and death of the independent record store as told through the eyes of the clerks who love and hate working in them. Eleven clerks from stores in Houston, Memphis, Tucson and Washington D.C. were interviewed about a variety of issues concerning how record stores have effected their lives. The interviews showcase a range of frustrations inherent in retail work. Independent record stores have changed the lives of many who feel there is a world to explore in the realm of music. This documentary explores a range of amusing and sentimental anecdotes that share with the viewer why record stores are so loved by so many and why record stores are slowly fading away.

Music includes songs from Washington D.C.’s the Shirks and Tucson Arizona’s Sneaky Pinks and Winelord.Vinyl Scrapyard.