VILE BLUE SHADES - John Thursday California Adventure LP

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First Pressing of 250.
From deep in the heart of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young's failed state of "Deseret" come the vile brothers and sister of Vile Blue Shades. Sort of like a loaded, swaggering outsider dance group, or maybe more accurately a 12-member collective with two drummers, two or three other percussionists, a keyboardist, 3 or 4 guitarists, a bassist, a dancer and a bespectacled, hulking, three-quarters talking, one-quarter singing front person.
Utah's Mormon, mountain isolation occasionally kicks out some of the wildest underground stuff going (see. Le Force, Red Bennies, Fuck the Informer, Agape, Wolfs, etc.) and Vile Blue Shades bring their unique type of bizarre, compelling music to a gape-jawed West. Reference points abound: VBS are a little bit Gibby Haynes, part James Chance, part Andy Gill, part lots of things, but as far as new bands go they are an unusual, visceral, sleazy spectacle. Read about VBS in September 2008's Salt Lake Under Ground (SLUG) magazine. "John Thursday California Adventure" is the band's self-described "sex record" and it features a range of vivid, pornographic lyrics whose inspiration came in large part from Henry Miller's "Under the Roofs of Paris" work. Jud (Le Force) Powell engineered this and it's the best recorded output they've done yet. This record captures the deliberate half-step calculated off-time echo of the band and has a weird and enveloping vibe.