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V/A - Old Is the New New: A Tribute to Karate's In Place of Real Insight TAPE

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In 2005 or ’06, I walked out of Aquarius Records in San Francisco with two CDs, an odd couple: Karate’s "In Place of Real Insight" and Nadja’s "Truth Becomes Death." As pivotal and powerful as Nadja has proven to be, it was the immediacy of the decade-old Karate album that captured a spirit I previously hadn’t been convinced of. Let’s just say that Nadja had to wait until well out of downtown to get its turn; truly, "In Place..." hasn’t left rotation since. To this day, Karate’s music still speaks to me of that discovery and destination, post-salad days and pre-Highway 101. As for the decade since: text worn off the disc face, a “New New” tattoo, an ever-growing Karate-related record collection. And so the serpent finds its tail. This year, Katuktu Collective (formerly Land Animal Tapes) has had the pleasure of working with Nadja’s Aidan Baker ("Heteroticims Volume 4"), and now here, with "Old Is the New New," we attempt to pay humble tribute to Karate’s Geoff Farina, Jeff Goddard, Gavin McCarthy, and Eamonn Vitt. The family of international artists that make up this track listing represent a whole generation influenced by Karate, and on April 28th, 2017, we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of "In Place of Real Insight"’s release, with a few other ‘90s Karate covers thrown in for good measure. I hope you have as much fun listening to this tribute as we had assembling it. And, of course, turn it up (so you can hear it downtown). - Aaris Katuktu