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V/A - "Life. Love. Hardcore." Comp CD

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A collection of old, vinyl only tracks,
and the final 7 Years War recording.

SONG OF KERMAN, one track from their “Unamerican Sounds Of...” LP
DISEMBODIED, “The Confession” EP (3 tracks)
CABLE, their side of the split EP with Malcolm’s Lost (2 tracks)
PARADES END, one track from their split EP with Sky Falls Down
ULTIMATE WARRIORS, their side of the split EP with Abathakothie (9 tracks)
CANEPHORA, “At A Loss For Words” EP (2 tracks)
V/A “Boston Hardcore: In Memory Of…” EP,
with DIVE, CHILMARK, and INTENT TO INJURE (3 tracks)
SEVEN YEARS WAR, the final recording (3 tracks)

Four color 12 page booklet and tray card
Layout by Planaria, mastered by Nick Z. at New Alliance