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This is the first episode of our new video magazine "automatic magnetic". 1.0 features live footage and interviews with SUPERCHUNK, MILEMARKER, THE PARTY OF HELICOPTERS, THE FAINT, KERBLOKI, and THE CONVOCATION OF. there's an in depth interveiw with portland diy filmmaker ANDREW DICKSON and lots of clips from his feature length film "GOOD GRIEF". there's also an interview with filmmaker RANDALL BOBBITT whom you may remember as the maker of the incredibly funny film "SOLO" from the WHISTLE OF THE MISSILE video (BFM004). we've also included randall's new short film "HUNG UP ON ELANA" in it's entirety. finally; we've included a short found tape peice called "MAIDEN MAN" think mullet. think IRON MAIDEN insanity, think 80s, think super duper hardcore fanaticism. there you have it. MAIDEN MAN. all the bands are shot with three camera angles and good audio.