Subliminal Sounds

V/A - Swedish Meatballs - The Hard Rock Psych Underground 1971 - 1977 LP

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Way-out heavy psych mindblowers with blistering guitars and pounding drums! Sweden – heaven and hell.

Subliminal Sounds open the portals to the long lost, ultra-rare, or previously unreleased, music and history of these loud and hairy underground hard rocking mind-bending champions.

Possessed Viking teens going berserk and blasting loud and heavy sounds at youth halls making the stoner kids go meatball crazy. Mini skirt moose hunters. Mid-70s communal people parks hedonistic punch-drunk all-night benders. Local biker club bacchanalias.

A chillum is lit, a beer can is popped open, and somebody flips out in a deep seance in the official stoner room next door while the pinball machine and pool table clinks and clonks. Chicken racing heavy metal greasers in their imported American muscle cars. Hard rock glam rockers accompanying XXX-live shows…and a previously unknown connection to all mighty Bathory goat. All in a day’s work for the Swedish Meatballs.

Seriously though, all jokes and hype aside, these comps present some truly unique musical treasures and the previously untold story the Swedish Youth Hall Hard Rock and Psych underground. All those Swedish teen bands who sometimes managed to get a self-financed 45 out but sometimes didn’t get any records out. But they mostly gigged a lot touring the alternative Youth Hall music circuit entertaining the teens all over the land.

You have all heard about the Swedish Progg Movement, but these bands had no part in that scene. This was a huge, living, vital scene for the younger bands that has been forgotten. We hope to bring this all back full force with these and the other releases in this series.

Here's a rich and vibrant music history that has never been told and heard before. During this marathon undertaking I've tracked the unknown musicians and conducted through interviews bringing forth long forgotten memories. Uncovered previously unknown or forgotten recordings. This is all presented here for the first time.