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V/A - Reflections: Gnome Life Artists & Friends Cover Each Other TAPE

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THIS IS A 100% NON-PROFIT RELEASE. In response to the recent extremism in so-called Texas, we are donating 100% of the proceeds (after production expenses) from this release to Fund Texas Choice which continues to fight for women's reproductive rights and assist women in exercising their incontrovertible bodily freedoms. And now a little about the compilation...

Since 2005 Gnome Life Records has been steadily releasing outsider folk, dreamy psychedelia, spoken word, and deep listening records & tapes… all from a foggy mountaintop in Big Sur, California (unceded Esselen land). Reflections is a celebration of the West Coast, mystic-weirdo ecosystem that Gnome Life serves to nourish and champion.

Enshrined here, digitally and on magnetic tape, are eleven Gnome Life artists’ and friends’ fractal interpretations of one another’s works. Artists were assigned to each other “secret Santa style” and so toiled covertly in their respective bedrooms, studios, or caves – seeking out and refining the precious ore within their prescribed tune.

It is perhaps of little surprise that such a remarkable cohort of artists would dig deeply and create covers so wildly their own. Yet, we can still remark at the way entirely new arrangements are built from single ear-worms, menacing dissonance is culled from groovy riffs, and the subconscious is given voice throughout this collection.

Originally conceived to commemorate fifteen years of operation, this collection’s release was delayed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and thus emerges in 2021 for Gnome Life’s sweet sixteen. Side A contains the eleven aforementioned covers. While the B-side presents the original recordings of each song, for your enjoyment and deeper reflection.