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V/A - Nic Więcej Do Powiedzenia - Tribute to Homomilitia LP + Booklet

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I was never a big fan of tribute LP's. Most of the time it's really a pointless release when bands try to sound like the original they pay tribute to it'S somehow really boring. With the exception of the VIRUS 100 compilation released by Alternative Tentacles in 1992 to celebrated their 100th release.

A tribute compilation to the Dead Kennedys with 16 bands of a wide range of various underground scenes covering DK's classics. Punk, Blues, Hiphop, Sludge, Poppunk, Death Metal, Grindcore ... all covering Dead Kennedys songs in their very own style.

This HOMOMILITIA tribute reminds me a lot of the "VIRUS 100" compilation because of the diversity of bands paying tribute to one of the most important and influential polish anarcho crust bands of the nineties.

Heavy recycled multicolor vinyl and includes a 16 page booklet, a 96 page fanzine, a DINA2 concert poster replica as well as an concert ticket (replica) from 1995.

The amount of work that was put into this release is astonishing. Musically you have a wide range from artists of all kind of underground scenes...Crust, Grindcore, Power Violence, Melodic Hardcore, Hardcore, Punk, Ambient, Electro, Acoustic...(ruin nation)