V/A - Mongolian Music from 70s - Vol. 1 LP

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"Mongolian Music from 70s - vol. I" opens the gates to the golden era of Mongolian music. This period, spanning from the 1970s to the early 1980s, is considered as the brightest and most influential period in history of Mongolian music. During this time, Mongolian musicians started using new instruments and technologies, such as electric guitars and synthesizers, which led to the emergence of new and exciting sounds in Mongolian music.

"Mongolian Music from 70s - vol. I" is an excellent representation of this period, with strong rhythms, memorable melodies, and vivid arrangements that combine traditional Mongolian melodies and instruments with elements of Western rock music. The new release also includes experiments by Mongolian musicians with new genres such as funk, disco and soul, bringing fresh and modern sounds to Mongolia.

This outstanding compilation will allow you to dive into the golden era of Mongolian music and enjoy its variety and uniqueness. Fans of Mongolian music as well as music collectors who like digging the musical history of foreign countries will love this compilation! "Mongolian Music from 70s - vol. I" is a wonderful mark in history of Mongolian music, with all it's amazing beauty and versatile instrumentations and vocals.