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V/A – Live At The Vortex LP

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The compilation that started it all ! In October a series of bands have been recorded at the Vortex Club for a proposed live album along the lines of the first ‘Live At the Roxy WC2’ record. The record featured the Maniacs, Suspects, Wasps, Neo, Art Attacks, Bernie Torme and Mean Street who were all regular players at the Vortex and Roxy. Released in 1977 - right after the punk-rock breakdown - the compilation made way for a revolutionary statement supporting the newborn counterculture.


The Wasps - Can't Wait 'Til '78
Mean Street - Bunch Of Stiffs
Neo - Small Lives

The Wasps - Waiting For My Man
Bernie Tormé -Living For Kicks
Art Attacks - Animal Bondage
Bernie Tormé - Streetfighter
Art Attacks - Frankenstein's Heartbeat
Neo - Tell Me The Truth
Suspects - Nothing To Declare
Maniacs - You Don't Break My Heart
Maniacs - I Ain't Gonna Be History