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V/A - Four Stars (****) LP reissue

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"Holy moly, if it isn’t a reissue of the super legendary Four Stars comp! This terrific artifact documenting Wellington New Zealand’s postpunk scene was originally released in 1980 (in an edition of 250) & copies have been as rare as a chook’s tooth ever since. Four ultra obscure bands-Life In The Fridge Exists, Wallsockets, Naked Spots Dance & Beat Rhythm Fashion-comprise these two sides & offer a fantastic snapshot of a radical DIY scene that played out in a vacuum at the bottom of the world. A great bookend to the excellent AK79 comp released at roughly the same time, this is a one-time reissue edition of 250 & a must-own for any fevered collector of New Zealand’s enigmatic, pre Flying Nun underground. Leave no stone unturned!"—Zander Van Dijk, Swineken Recordings