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UT - Live At The Venue Nov. 24, 1981 LP

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First time on vinyl. Part of the ongoing UT remaster/reissue series. Originally released in 1982 as a cassette only release. Features five tracks recorded in November 1981 at the Venue. Remastered from original recording by Dominique Brethes, these five tracks recorded in 1981 are the perfect accompaniment to the recent 12” reissues of S/T and Confidential (OUT0102) Released in November 2017). New artwork by the band, and a DL card come with this RSD 2018 edition.

Ut is a radical rock group that was founded in NYC in Dec.1978 by Nina Canal, Jacqui Ham and Sally Young. Originating in the downtown No Wave scene and inheritors of the collision between rock, free jazz and the avantgarde, Ut was conceived to explode the rigidity of conventional rock groups. Songs are constructed through collective improvisation and each member plays all the instruments and rotates the role of singer/director. This would result in sometimes lengthy discussions on stage between songs to the point that this was one of the things they were internationally known for in the 80's.