UNLESS - Letting go of what you never had 7"

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Unless was an amazing band that was a staple of the Davis, CA hardcore scene (YSDHC). This band has a tremendous amount of recorded material out there, however they always chose to give away their music for free on CD-Rs so as a result they never had a proper release. About a year ago now the band recorded several new songs with Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden. The plan was to finally put out a 7" and then tour on it, however playing shows became more difficult as the members were scattered throughout the bay area. For a while we weren't sure if this record was going to come out but there are some Unless shows being worked on for the near future so finally, here it is: a 4-song 7" of 90's style metallic hardcore (think Deadguy or Unbroken) featuring mem. of Punch and Loma Prieta (with me playing double bass for the first time!)