UNLEARN - same 7"

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If you’ve witnessed this bands live set you already know what to expect. A loud and noisy fury of raw punk levelling everything in their path. Vocals distorted in anguish and a wall of guitars tweaked to ear splitting frequencies held down with an impressive d-beat attack. These guys are definitely into Disclose and Meanwhile. So far they’ve released 2 demo tapes, which have received several positive reviews. Future releases include a split 7” with KRUEL in june and a self titled LP in September. A 5 week U.S tour is planned for September/October. no description yet but here is a review of their demo. Just like you like it: raw and brutal Dbeat attack from Vancouver. VACCUUM played with UNLEARN and last year and they just leveled the place - it was 20 minutes of pure distortion and maximum volume with guitar torture worthy of comparisons to the greats. This one is over in a flash, so prepare for the most pummeling 8 minutes of your day..