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UNITY FLOORS - exotic goldfish blues LP

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Their debut LP, aptly titled 'Exotic Goldfish Blues' is a collection of eleven timeless and acutely Australian rock'n'roll songs. Following on from their 2011 EP 'Women's Golf', 'Exotic Goldfish Blues' is a continuation and a perfect staple of the archetypal, wholly unrestrained Unity Floors aesthetic.

Our first taste Nice Fit was an upbeat frenzy of carefree strumming and perfectly arranged drumbeats, giving the 2 minute taster an unprecedented depth and complexity which is so vital for the two man band. No solos, no fancy effects, just sweet, simple open chords. More recently, the bedroom noisemakers released Day Release, a more complicated and tonally multiplicit 4 minutes which will appear as track 2 on the upcoming album. It has similarities to some of the tracks on Yuck's first album, especially in regards to that clean yet oh so dirty guitar tone and the obvious Dinosaur Jr. influence. Unlike the recent crop of bands from here and overseas that wear their influences on their sleeves, they succeed in coming across as a band who aren’t actively trying to be anything at all. You get a strong feeling that these are just two happily directionless dudes doing whatever they want to do at that moment. Nothing more.