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UBT - Ego Orientation LP

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Psychic Handshake Recordings is proud to announce the release of Montreal garage-pop powerhouse, UBT’s outstanding second effort, Ego Orientation—an album for all those comfortable in both paisley and black leather. UBT was originally established by MIKEY HEPPNER and his main squeeze, KATHRYN MCCAUGHEY, to nurture a shared interest in sunshine psychedelia at odds with the former’s role as frontman in Montreal’s heavy metal titans, PRIESTESS. Since then, the side-project has become a main gig for the couple, who reach new musical heights in their enduring union as creative collaborators with drummer GABE ROUSSEAU. And what a team they make, with their equally jawdropping chops, expression, and knack for infectious songwriting. On Ego Orientation, the band has applied these gifts to assemble a collection of tunes that make joyous connections between ‘60s psychedelia, ‘70s rock, and contemporary garage punk. From the street swagger of “The Boys are out for Blood” to the anthemic choruses of “I Don’t Care” and “Lady Rockaway,” the album is replete with musical nods to erstwhile masters, expertly executed and folded into a creative rock & roll that bursts with the elan of a lifelong favorite.