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TWISTED - stockholm 7"

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3 songs of revolution summer emo from Leeds. Features members of State Run (rip), Facel Vega, Spectrals and Held by Hands. This record also comes with a nifty little download coupon too.

This 7'' sounds different to the band's first 7'' for various reasons. Firstly, the entirety of the band have now been involved in the recording, as opposed to the first record which contained Jon and other members of Facel Vega. The vocals in particular sound a fair bit different for this reason (Matt J replacing Noel). Secondly, the sound has evolved a bit over time. That distinctive choppy guitar has been toned down a fair bit making the whole garage punk aspect more subtle. What I would now describe the sound as is some sort of post punk crossed with emo with garage punk influences. Does this make sense? Overall, it creates a rather refreshingly different sound to my ears. The third song 'Relief' is maybe the best example, I swear the start sounds a bit like a slightly less harsh Torches To Rome. I hear Fugazi vibes going on too, that's as good a post punk namedrop as you are gonna get. Then finally the garage punk sound is still there in the background. It's my favorite track for sure.

Overall, this record is completely solid. Nice personal lyrics, the three songs differ from one another sufficiently but it still all flows together. The band have recorded songs ready for a split with What Price, Wonderland?, so that is something to look forward to. The drummer Max has recently moved to London and been replaced by someone new but apparently the band have already started playing shows again. I really hope I get to see them in the new year, check this out.