TW WALSH - songs of pain and leisure LP

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Timothy William ‚‘TW’ Walsh has been a mainstay of the indie community over the past decade as a recording artist, producer, and mixing/mastering engineer. Though you might not be as familiar with Walsh's previous solo releases or with his defunct surreal soul band The Soft Drugs, you’ve certainly heard his work. You're either familiar with his collaborations with David Bazan in Pedro The Lion and Headphones, or have appreciated his mixing and mastering work with artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Richard Swift, Kristin Hersh, Damien Jurado, The Mynabirds, Crystal Skulls, J Tillman, Say Hi, and Bazan's solo releases. Walsh's new album, Songs of Pain and Leisure, is a true solo record. He played every weird, saturated note on this 10-track set.