TV WATCHERS - Carl In The Sky With Diamonds 7"

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Debut vinyl release by this awesome band. Lyrics and deadpan vocals by POOPY NECROPONDE. Music by FOOD FORTUNATA. Both ex-SOCKEYE. To quote J. Klymeck (Mirrors) “call it minimal, don’t say retarded. It sounds better. It’s not stupid if it’s intentional.” This is stupid, just like you like it. Sockeye fans get ready to tell your teacher your skipping summer school and schedule an appointment with your psychiatrist. “Our old friends from the music group Sockeye removed themselves from the basement to enjoy food and television programs. During the television commercials these cats took to writing and recording some beautiful music songs about what was happening before and after the commercials and what these things were doing for them and their neighbors in the neighborhood. Plop down your fifteen dollars and enjoy music songs about what will happen to you except these songs are sung by people who can sing better than you.”