Stoned To Death

TRUE FIR - Second Guessing LP

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Jan Stejskal had a long history with loud rock band Goro where he played guitar and wrote most of the music for years. They were the second generation of czech post-revolution underground musicians and they have taken small local scene by surprise with their hardcore punk energy, chaotic live shows and back in early 2000's they have added extra controversy since their singer was a Hussit priest. That was not taken lightly by back then somewhat rigid hard/core punk scene. Early 2000's were certainly a pretty dark era to do some non-typical rock music. Local bands had to squeeze their ways into local rock bars and clubs where owners cared little to less about everything that did not sound like Judas Priest Revival. You did not need more than two hands to count open minded diy spots where bands would not be harassed on their way in and out. After years on the road the fire just went out and Jan put his guitar gear in the corner.

Instead he started pounding drums and pretty soon became power house drummer for more than several bands such as Black Tar Jesus, Worldhood, Hissing Fauna or Bugman (still drummin in the last two bands mentioned). He also joined the mythical synth pop cult group Prodavač (playing bass synth) and one would think this is the way its going to be. Well, only until 2018 where Jan started mumbling about guitars, pedals and amps just way too much. And all the sudden he had a new band. True Fir. They were simple power trio at first, with Rado Szajter from Pacino on drums and Simona Poustkova (Kalle, Remek) on bass. Their first self titled album came out in the winter 2019 (audio tape on Stoned to Death). It consisted of 9 simple but well crafted guitar rock with strong 90's guitar reminiscence and some sweet layers of Crash Test Dummies like vocals on top. The trio disbanded fairly quickly after its album release (mostly due to lack of time on the rhythmic part of the group).

“Second-Guessing” is True Fir's second album recorded with new line up: Peter Kušnírik (Inheritance, Nikander) on drums, Jiří Kaňa (Hissing Fauna) on second guitar and Jan Koudela (Hissing Fauna) on bass. There's no doubt these guys are suckers for 90's sound and they are not afraid of it. Twelve songs on “Second-Guessing” have somewhat calmer tone than the debut, but there's plenty of moments that makes me remember I used to own some Smashing Pumkins albums and soundtrack from the movie Singles.