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TROPICAL FUCK STORM - Braindrops LP (col. vinyl)

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Comprised of members of the Drones and High Tension, the Melbourne art-punk supergroup Tropical Fuck Storm are concerned with extremity in our culture – and refuse to take the easy way out. On their second album they have really honed their shtick, presenting a record thats extreme themes are echoed in its ragged, furious sonics.

TFS can wear a variety of hats (all of them pretty noisy) and make their previous groups seem, by comparison, a little dour. Title track ‘Braindrops’ is fantastic and a genuine progression, its description offered by frontman Gareth Liddiard as “Fela Kuti in a car crash” going some way to sum up its twitchy, funk-gone-wrong groove; sounding like Talking Heads after a week in captivity. ‘Paradise’ similarly is ambitiously disparate but still manages to sour.